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Treatments Offered


We have accumulated years of experience, skill and training to perfect the precise location, amount and direction of an adjustment.  Our specialized chiropractic tables are designed to further enhance these adjustments. 

Massage Therapy

Our Onsite Massage Therapist, Caitlin Knowles offers a combination of deep tissue, Swedish and stretching techniques.  Prenatal massage is available for expecting mothers.

Flexion Distraction

Flexion Distraction is a treatment in which the joints of the spine are tractioned thru gentle motions.  This can be very effective in alleviating back pain. 


Our proven therapies can get you better results with fewer visits

  • Ultrasound is a deep heating agent used to decrease inflammation and pain in soft tissue
  • The Percussor is used to relax soft tissue and muscle spasm
  • Miyodic soft tissue massage tools are used for deep tissue and fascial release

Clinical Nutrition

We design nutrition programs to improve the health of patients.  Clinical nutrition is used to treat a variety of today's health conditions and symptoms.

Continuous Improvement

We are continually adding services and techniques to help you get even better results.  We carefully review new technologies and techniques to offer only the best services for the patient with proven results.