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I am so grateful for all the people that I have helped improve their lives thru chiropractic and wellness.  Helping people is the best part of my job as a chiropractor, seeing patients feeling better and giving them back their quality of life is a reward like no other.  I have helped people get pain relief when all hope of a normal life was lost.  I do everything I can to help people feel better and am blessed with great patients.  These are just a few of the many who have had their lives changed at New Horizon Chiropractic and Wellness.

Dr. Misty Kosciusko

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I have had persistent neck, back, and arm pain due to poor alignment in my neck and back. I have tried several interventions over six months before seeing Dr. Kosciusko for chiropractic treatment. She helped relieve the pain and create a comprehensive and methodical treatment plan. I also appreciated her knowledge of exercise, diet, and conditioning. Her chiropractic treatments have a multifaceted approach which did not simply treat my problem, but corrected base causes. Over the past several months now, I am much more comfortable and feel much better due to Dr. Kosciusko's time, support and caring treatments.

Male age 48, Newport RI

I have suffered from severe migraine headaches since age ten. The headaches were often diagnosed as sinus infections or allergies and I was subsequently prescribed antibiotics and decongestants. My headaches were debilitating and impacted school, work and my quality of life. I first saw Dr. Kosciusko in 2009 while she was first practicing at the University of Bridgeport Chiropractic Clinic. Through neck adjustments and stretches, the pain was greatly reduced shortly after receiving treatment, almost immediately. I rarely experience headaches anymore and continue preventive chiropractic treatment for headaches and migraines with Dr. Kosciusko.

Male Age 30, Jamestown, RI

I have Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and I been asking doctors about it for 30 years. I tried over the counter products as well as pharmaceuticals. Nothing worked even a little. I just thought I'd have it for the rest of my life. Dr. Kosciusko mentioned it as something she had dealt with in the past, I thought, why not? My IBS is not cured completely, however it is considerably better. I suspect as I continue to work with Dr. Kosciusko, it will get even better to the point where it is not an issue in my life. Through chiropractic & nutrition I have experienced considerable improvement in my condition. My experience with Dr. Kosciusko has been wonderful. First of all, she listens. is a wonderful, gentle chiropractor (I have seen many) and when it comes to nutrition, she really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Female Age 52, Portsmouth, RI

Dr. Kosciusko, I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how wonderful I feel since doing the 10 day Metagenics detox. I have waited quite a while to write this just because I wanted to see the lasting effects. And, as expected, they are tremendous! I am going to lay out the chronology of events:

1. Was very sick over the winter for about 60 days. I was eating comfort food just because I wanted something to make me feel better and I just didn’t care about my weight or anything. I was unable to exercise and gained 15 lbs.

2. Following this, I immediately got back into my exercise program. This was not enough and had to find a kick start to getting back into a better diet while losing all the toxins in my body.

3. I went to see Dr. Kosciusko. She recommended this detox program offering me a 10 or 30 day. I immediately said “yes”!

4. The plan consisted of a very healthy powder for shakes and GlutaClear tablets.

5. As I worked through the plan, gradually adding the number of shakes per day, I was eliminating food groups such as meats, caffeine and dairy. The shakes were easy to do as I was adding berries to them for flavor.

6. Cruciferous vegetables are my new best friend! Plus sweet potatoes which I roast with a bit of olive oil.

7. Best news – I WAS NEVER HUNGRY and I have not wanted to go back to the burgers or even french fries. My tastes have changed and I love it. As a result, my acid reflux is under control through diet and I have lost 11 lbs over 2 months. My muscle mass has improved and I am into my “skinny” clothes again. I am not on any crazy diet, but I am eating healthier and my portions are less. THANK YOU, DR. KOSCIUSKO


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