Online Appointments

Schedule your own Appointments Live

New Horizon Chiropractic & Wellness offers easy and convenient online appointment scheduling 24 hours a day 7 days a week!  When you select an appointment service and time you are actually booking that time in our live scheduling system!   There is no waiting for an answer or confirmation of your appointment once you self schedule you are done, it is that simple.  You will receive an automated confirmation via email/text.  If you are a new patient, further instructions will follow for completing your new patient questionnaires.   Simply select the type of appointment type you and the time that works best for your schedule.  It is that easy!

Appointment types include:

Discovery Call - This is a complimentary call with one of our doctors to discuss your health concerns and goals.  It is a good option for those who aren't sure which services are right for them and have general questions about how functional medicine can help them get amazing results.

Functional Medicine New Patient - Required for all new Functional Medicine patients.  This includes an in depth questionnaire and any historical blood and lab work you may have completed with other physicians.  The questionnaire and any existing blood work is required to be completed and uploaded to the portal no less than 2 days prior to your appointment.  This is to allow our doctors to complete a blood chemistry analysis, in-depth metabolic scans, the doctors report of findings and best recommendations to help you achieve your greatest health.  This appointment can be scheduled in person or virtually.  We have privacy complaint telehealth video conferencing which allows us to work with patients anywhere in the United States.

Functional Medicine Follow Up - Established Functional Medicine patients will use this appointment type to schedule their regular check in with the doctors.  Again, this can be accomplished in person or virtually to ensure your success in reaching your best health ever.