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Dr. Misty Kosciusko on Patricia Raskin's WPRO Show

Dr. Misty Kosciusko on Patricia Raskin's WPRO Show

Dr. Misty Kosciusko a Chiropractor in Portsmouth, Rhode Island and owner of New Horizon Chiropractic and Wellness, was featured guest on Patricia Raskin's Positive Living Show on WPRO AM 630. 

Dr. Misty Kosciusko Visits Portsmouth Middle School

Dr. Misty Kosciusko delivers a presentation titled "Sit Up Straight, Eat Your Veggies," a thorough lesson on spinal health, eating healthy, exercising and having fun. 

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Since 2011, Chiropractor Dr. Misty Kosciusko has been helping patients in the Portsmouth, Newport, Middletown RI and surrounding communities get natural pain relief.

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